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T**ch me, Tea** me

Listening Crit in Goldsmiths, London

Installation View -

2023          single channel video (4' 45"), semi-transparent curtains

T**ch me, Tea** me

2023          single channel video, 4' 45"

2023          Performance

Do with me


You write what you want

I write what I want

We're holding the same one

I can teach you

You can beat me too

Try to write down more.

What is it like to re-experience "being taught " by "hand" as an adult.

Remember the process of learning to hold a pen and write? The impression is blurred from too early in life, except for the much larger hand that held the small hand.

The 'hand-holding' of learning to write with a brush is mostly not so long ago, and it is not so long ago to re-experience the rustiness of this limb, the confusion, the inability to control the written marks, to re-experience what it feels like to be in control of one's own body by another body, to be invited, taught, and struggled with by a skilful body against an unskilful body, as one learns to do.

The touch and control of unfamiliar bodies, the power of knowledge is presented with tenderness, and in the context of the West as a cultural subject, the artist reverses the subject and object of the power of knowledge, and uses the image of an Asian woman to teach the "clumsy" Western body. But education is never just teaching. There is the strenuous handover of power between teacher and student, and there is the abandonment of power to lead. In the dance of power dynamics, the legibility of the handwriting is shed, and the shared experience between the artist and the viewer generates new intimacies in the palm of the hand and the tip of the pen.

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