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The Way We Don't Tell

2021          cloth, red thread, concrete, door lock

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In the spring of 2020, I stayed at home with my family and had to confront the tensions of conflict and love in the space of home, thus generating this work. Coincidentally, at the same time, an (unmentionable) event of popular spontaneous expression in China's online public space also emerged as a massive attempt of actions to avoid censorship, similarly exhausting a massive number of unreadable modes of communication.

This indirectness exists both in the personal experience of domestic space and in the public sphere. The indirectness embodied in the art practice not only expresses my private experience in the domestic space, but also presents itself in the public sphere.


​Select it and read it please

As a girl growing up in a Chinese family, I have seen so many kind of indirect ways of communication in my family:
silence and refusal,

argument means love,
anger equals care

——We always use “don’t talk”way to express ourselves

How have these internally directed expressions influenced me?
I unlocked it by locking it, uttered unspeakable words and healed my heart

截屏2024-01-10 23.44.29.png
截屏2024-01-10 23.45.54.png
截屏2024-01-10 23.47.39.png
IMG_7903 (1).jpeg

Words from my diary were unintelligible after reorganization. 

They turned backs and show their spines.

After knitting and tightening, only the figures of emotion were left behind.

It was sunk and locked inside the door and refused to be interpreted.

The door becomes a monument, there is no longer a space before or after

Just same like the defunctionalized metal object on it, quietly standing.

I tried out every method to reject communication

Don't I want to be listened?

Maybe it is the way we express.

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